When you choose to sell your home with The Williams Team, we take great care to make sure you have the best experience. We know that most sellers have two main goals when selling their home: 1. Sell my home for the most amount of money possible; and 2. Sell my home as quickly as possible.

That's why we've developed our system to give you the best chance to sell your home for more money and sell it in 1/2 the time than with the average agent.

Here are our 3 steps that we take with every home seller.

Step 1: Consult with Kristen

Kristen Williams, The Williams Team lead and Seller Agent, will come to your home for a personalized consultation. Through that process, Kristen will learn more about what makes your home so special to you so that we can leverage those points to find the next owner. Plus, you'll work with Kristen to develop a timeline that works to meet your goals.

Of course, Kristen will consult with you on how to get the very most out of your home and produce a sale quicker than with the average agent and for more money.

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Step 2: The 3 P's - Prep, Pictures, Price

In over 10 years and more than 500 homes sold, there's one big truth that holds up through the years: a buyer must see themselves living in your home before they will choose to purchase. Unfortunately, most buyers can't visualize what their life in your house will look it. We give them the help with our 3 P's!

Prep: We hire expert stagers to walk you through the best ways polish your home for it to jump out to buyers. Our stager, along with our team, will then work with you to help make that vision come true. When the home is staged right, the buyers can't resist!

Pictures: This is simple, we hire professional photographers to take magazine quality pictures of your home - inside & out. The pictures are the first impression almost every buyer has to your home and we make that impression great. In fact, many clients are STUNNED about how awesome their home photographs!

Check out these few examples...

Price: This is the most critical piece and where we separate ourselves from the average agent. You see, because we sell so many homes (averaging 100 each year now), we have a better handle on where the market is going. The average agent sells less than 10 homes - which is fine - except they will might not have a true pulse on the market of today. Is it trending up right now or trending a bit soft? When all you have to go on are the comps of what sold from a few months ago, you're simply not in as good a position to know how to sell a home THIS month - not two months ago. We'll even be glad to give you an idea about how much you could sell your home for today.

Step 3: Market your home

This is the fun part!! First, though, let's dispel some myths. Every agent puts your home on MLS and every agent puts a sign in the yard. In fact, every agent will get you on dozens of websites like Zillow, Trulia, etc. including a long list of sites you've never even heard of. It sounds impressive... What they don't tell you is that when we all put a home on the MLS, it automatically goes to all those sites. The magic is what we do in ADDITION that gets your home sold for more money in 1/2 the time.

Facebook: We systematically target and promote your home on Facebook to audiences that are most likely in to be interested in your home. Did you know that 80% of all Americans are on Facebooks and 75% of them check it at least once a day? We know that and use it to our advantage. Check out some of our handy work on Facebook here.

Feature Pops: How do you know that buyers who walk through your home notice all the great things about it? How about all those upgrades that you had done and enjoy so much? The answer: feature pops! We put little notes in key places throughout your house to make sure that those items that make your home special are not overlooked. How else would someone know about the new AC system or the new roof or how special the counter tops really are? We provide a "guided tour" of those features!

Prospecting: As a team, we make phone calls to find referrals for people to buy your home. We actually call people to tell them about your home and see if they have friends or family that might want to purchase it. Our prospecting is very proactive and helps us to get the word out about your home to as many people as possible.

Our 3 steps  - 1. Consult with Kristen; 2. The 3 P's (Prep, Pictures, Price); 3. Marketing - get the huge results that we're known for!! We love seeing our clients hit their goals of selling their home for more money in 1/2 the time. All while receiving best in class service before, during and after their sell.

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