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How to part with a home that you love

Kristen Williams

Kristen is founder & leader of The Williams Team and has made us a top team in Keller Williams #1 worldwide office...

Kristen is founder & leader of The Williams Team and has made us a top team in Keller Williams #1 worldwide office...

Feb 8 3 minutes read

Whether it's the first house you ever bought, the house you grew up in, or the house you raised your children in, parting with a home that you love can be HARD. So hard that you're willing to spend hours commuting and stuff your house with more people than it can hold. Nobody said that moving is easy, but if you follow some of these tips, maybe taking the first step to a happier, more comfortable life will be a little bit easier.

Make canvases out of murals

You spent hours painting your kids' rooms, and can't stand the thought of starting from scratch in a new home. Well, an easy and modern way to decorate kids' rooms is with canvases! Take a picture of the mural and print it out on any size canvas to hang in their new rooms. Plus, your kids can take the canvases with them and hang them in their kids' rooms!

Bury a time capsule

This is a fun activity to do with your kids or significant other - put some sentimental items and memories of your house into a wooden box or coffee tin and bury it in your backyard. This way, a part of you and your family will physically stay with your beloved house. Plus, it'll be a great excuse for you to go through items in your house that haven't been touched in a while (see my blog about decluttering for tips and tricks to get your house ready for sale).

Get a watercolor painting of your house

Some of you may have already received one, but my favorite closing gifts right now are hand-painted, watercolor pictures of my clients' homes. They're such a cute way to get excited about moving to a new home and remember what your old house looked like.

Think of all the memories you and your family are going to make in your new house

This new chapter in your family's life is going to be full of wonderful events. While it's sad to let go of such an important piece of your family's memories, you and your family are going to be so much happier in a home that fits your lifestyle and needs. It's like your house is growing with your kids!

Speaking of love, I want to take a second to tell you how much we LOVE our clients! Each and every one of you has brought so much joy to my life - so help me spread the love! Tell your friends, family, neighbors, coworkers, and anyone with real estate needs how great your experience was with The Williams Team. We love your referrals! <3

Want to move but buyers can't look past your stuff?

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